I help memorize information

My name is Bogdan Rudenko. I am the founder and trainer of the Memory Development Center, Ph.D. in Philosophy of Science.

For the past 17 years, I have been teaching mnemonics: helping people memorize information. It helps them learn better, cope with their work, and stand out from those who use Google instead of memory.

Since 2005 I taught individually: I developed a methodology and looked for an approach to people of different psychotypes.

Since 2012 I teach groups and companies to help more people.

Different people need memory for different purposes. I help everyone:
➢ Schoolchildren and students — upload textbooks in their heads, study without cramming, and pass exams without cribs.
➢ Foreign language learners — memorize 50-100 new foreign words in 1 hour and learn a phrasebook during a flight to another country.
➢ Professionals — memorize a collection of official information in 1 evening and learn a new profession in 3 weeks.
➢ Businessmen and executives — keep in mind the information about competitors and the history of relations with each client: names, birthdays, phone numbers, connections, habits, strengths, and weaknesses.
➢ Speakers in public — do not forget the speech and the sequence of statements, speak without paper, and do not get lost in thought.
➢ People in everyday life — write information down immediately in the brain. Do not forget things, schedules, promises, requests, and errands. Remember the names and faces of dozens of people the first time. Maintain working memory until old age.

I make it so that people who have previously read memory books and taken memory courses can finally be able to memorize.

I want as many people as possible to learn to use their memory and there will be fewer empty-headed consumers of information. To that end, I share free memory advice and talk about memory in a journal.