About the Bureau



Artem Gorbunov Design Bureau creates information-rich websites and intranets, human interface of software, gadgets and electronic devices. The bureau also develops wayfinding systems at public venues.

Human inteface is the most progressive area of commercial design. It determines success or failure of today’s high-tech products. Companies unfamiliar with that notion haven’t yet become our clients.

We are good at delivering complex and rich information in forms that help its perception and analysis, avoiding ambiguity, wordiness, visual clutter and chartjunk. This still allows us to create modern designs that suit the client’s business needs. The beauty of information design is born in careful work with both form and content. We apply our design principles to any medium: be that a web page, a screen of a mobile phone, a floor plan, a trade center directory or a booklet.

We strive to go beyond designing isolated objects or interfaces. Our main interest lays in creating efficient systems that make identity, gadgets, interfaces and services work together for businesses and customers. This multi-faceted approach lets us solve problems outside the reach of a single identity studio or a dedicated usability team.

The experience of bureau’s founder Artem Gorbunov is used at developing training programs in information design and human interface. Artem Gorbunov’s Training Center opened in 2007.

  • Service and product design
  • Websites and intranets
  • Human interfaces of software
  • Human interfaces of gadgets
  • Wayfinidng and signage
  • Information visualization