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Bureau has designed and launched the Envy website. The frontpage boasts the best offers and explains the service:

Unlike traditional car rentals, Envy shows the real cars it has. If you book a red Mini Cooper, you will get the one you see, not some “similar” car.

The map shows the Oahu points of interest and hints that a road trip might be a good idea:

The car page with photos and important features:

Two calendars drop down simultaneously to minimize clicks when selecting the trip’s start and end dates:


About the project

Work started: November 16, 2015. Planned to launch: February 10, launched: February 12

Art directed by Artem Gorbunov

Led and designed by Ilya Birman

Designed by Michael Nozik, Aleksey Salnikov, Margarita Maryanyan, Andrey Ilinsky

Developed in “Cifronomika” by Aleksander Borisov, Ilya Osadchiy, Vladimir Nikonorov

Special thanks to Ilya Sinelnikov.


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Design Bureau

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