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The bureau designed the user interface and supervised the development of a reference system for HR managers.

The main screen suggests how to get answers and use the system’s services:

Work days in a month, currency exchange rates, minimal wage and other helpful hints are all in the reference book:

Subscribers enjoy a collection of books and magazines published by Aktion:

Document templates come with fill-in recommendations:

Icons brighten up the search results page:

About the project

Art directed by Artem Gorbunov

Led and designed by Nikolay Toverovskiy

Coded by Alexey Gagarin

Aktion developers: Alevtina Samoylova, Sergey Lebedev, Ludmila Vokova

We thank Marina Zharkovskaya and Kirill Neumark.


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Artem Gorbunov
Design Bureau

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