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The bureau has designed and launched the new version of the LavishShoestring online store. Its main page displays the new items and the best collections:

Each collection and catalogue section is designed in its own style. The items are arranged automatically in an irregular modular grid to make the catalogue more entertaining:

Product images background

Following Amazon, online stores everywhere show their products on white background. As a result, their catalogues look identical and lifeless. It’s hard to picture the items in your room. Translucent glass items look vague, the bright ones get dull. There’s almost always a better background than white to emphasise the product’s look and feel. Dark backgrounds with the spotlight effect are universal, while some items pop out on solid coloured backgrounds.

The bureau has helped come up with the guidelines to select the background depending on the colour and the material of an item.

High resolution photos reveal the smallest scratches and features. The page includes fast facts on the item’s style, origin, historical period and caring tips. The dynamic colour theme of a page automatically matches the item’s background:

The basket page suggests the items to complement the order. When the order is placed, the user can brag about what they have bought:

About the project

Work started: January 18. Launches: March 15 and March 30, 2016

Art directed by Artem Gorbunov

Led and designed by Michael Nozik and Ilya Birman

Designed by Margarita Maryanyan, Yuri Mazursky, Vladimir Kolpakov

LavishShoestring team: Stepan Bocharov, Aleksey Dvoryanchikov, Daniil Dmitriev, Ivan Ivanov, Vladimir Kovalenkov, Igor Litvinov, Grigory Maslak, Pavel Mozgovoy, Ilmast Toyvo, Anna Chernyshova

We thank Artem Mazurchak and Jacob Khokhlov for trust and assistance in creating the website.


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