To help future diplomats, international lawyers, journalists, political experts, economists, energy specialists, region researchers, businessmen, managers, international guests, ambassadors, oligarchs and State Duma deputies find their way in the twisted maze of hallways in MGIMO’s main building on Vernadsky ave. in Moscow, we conceived and designed the building’s wayfinding system.

We named the hallways after streets of cities around the world:

A broad hallway leading to the main entrance is Prospekt Mira, of Moscow. Main offices of School of International Relations fit between the 1st ave., Rue de la Paix, Wagramer Straße and Kiambu. School of International Economic Relations is on Chipside and Wall St. Seniors students go on dates with freshmen starting at Montmartre and Via Capello.

The university has its own Blumenstraße, Zlatá ulička, Baker st. and Via del Tritone. It’s easy to figure out where you’ve already been.

The international motives continue in the signage design:

Flags are easy to recognize even on a thin slice

Critical signs are written in Russian and English

(university café)

Signs comply with the international standards

We developed a clock with built-in class hours:
Clock in action
The closer an object is, the bigger its name on the sign:

Stairway to the cafeteria:

About the project

  • Art directed by Artem Gorbunov
  • Designed by Ilya Birman, Vassily Rips and Alexander Golanov
  • Managed by Anna Iliukhina

We thank Dmitry Peskov and Ekaterina Kotova for their trust and administrative support.


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Artem Gorbunov
Design Bureau

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