Mgizmo is an advanced hanheld gadget with touch-sensitive screen. It is eager to serve its master: both for free and for money. Thanks to the Internet, position tracking and personal preferences, it offers only the most relevant services, while the built-in payment systems make spending money effortless and enjoyable.

The Bureau developed the human interface of the device.

Home screen

The home screen is easy to use and has all the functionality of a Pocket PC. All icons are downsized copies of their applications and display their current status:

Recommended services

In standby mode the offers are pushed in and out of the device, depending on how relevant or physically close the provider is:

Walking by an Apple store,
and into a restaurant,
but then changing your mind, going outside and getting a taxi.
And this is how offers compete in a busy downtown area.

On-screen keyboard

The keyboard is a little like the Underwood typewriter. Using the layout switch develops a habit:

English layout is to the left, and it’s yellow,
Russian layout is to the right, and it’s red.

No Shift button. Drag finger to get a capital letter:

Startup sequence

Unlocking the device

About the project

User interface designed by Artem Gorbunov Design Bureau for MGR. Mgizmo is developed for Russia. The device is due in 2008.

  • Art directed by Artem Gorbunov
  • Designed by Ilya Birman, Alexander Golovanov
  • Project managed by Anna Ilyukhina

We thank Sergey Stepanenko for his assistance.


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