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One Two Trip is a new online service for travellers. In its core lies a powerful analytical engine that processes airline data across multiple countries and booking systems and finds the best ticket options. Users no longer need to browse through hundreds of similar offers.

The bureau designed the basic logic of the user interface and its look and feel. The world map on the front page invites on a journey:

The site’s team designs and develops it now

Users select the destination in a smart input field, through trip parameters on the map or through a search history in the bottom of the screen

The map slides up, exposing the desktop with a selection of tickets:

Найденные билеты
The search resuts page highights the fastest and the cheapest flight options. Below are ticket stacks from different airlines

Personal and payment details, all in one place:

Оформление и покупка

And the ticket is yours:

Ваш билет

The bureau made quite a handful of interface widgets:

About the project

Art directed and designed by Artem Gorbunov

Led and designed by Nikolay Toverovskiy

Designed by Maxim Tkachuk, Alexander Kan, Valery Popov, Dmitriy Sukhachev

Edited by Maxim Ilyakhov

We thank Peter Kutis.

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