People in Russia use the OSMP kiosks to instantly pay for mobile services, internet access, social networks, housing bills and many more. In 2008 OSMP is launching a new line of kiosks to sell tickets for cinemas, plays, concerts, shows, exhibitions and sports events. Artem Gorbunov Design Bureau developed the human interface for the kiosks.

The kiosk provides all kinds of information about hundreds of events: reviews, movie trailers, casts and tournament tables. Users see show hours, get directions to theaters and purchase tickets with a selection of payment options.

The interface serves to sell tickets to both random blockbuster viewers and regular visitors of small concert clubs. The most popular shows are right on the surface, while the great variety of other events is still instantly accessible. For this reason the interface is based on three main principles:

No menus, no filters, no lists

In a menu-driven interface the information is hidden behind a vague bureaucratic hierarchy.

See & click

From the first and very basic steps we offer users the information they need and let instantly pick what looks interesting to them.

One screen — one world

Ths interface is based on the idea of an infinite scalable universe, and not on separate sequential screens.


All interface screens form a single scalable universe. The closer an object appears, the more details are displayed.

The shows form a scrolling strip. Zooming out reveals more announcements with less details:

Several horizontal strips make up the main screen panorama, which welcomes the users:

What would movie theaters look like if their announcements read “Popular Films (3)” and “New Films (5)”?

A built-in proximity sensor detects a customer coming close. And while nobody is around, the screen is attracting attention: strips independently scroll left and right, video clips from select events (movie trailers, music videos and advertising) pop out and play in full screen.


Searching singles out the events from the whole variety.

The entire universe at a glance: all events displayed as thumbnails
Search results after the first input letters


Theaters, seats and tickets are rendered in the most lively manner.

Tickets sold to other viewers dim down in real-time
Insert a bill, a credit card or press a button to pay from an electronic account

About the project

Conceived and designed by Artem Gorbunov, Ilya Birman and Tanya Misyutina.

We thank Yuri Dubrov and Vladimir Zhukov for their insightful consulting; and Roman Kruchinin for his strategic approach.


Buying tickets demo
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