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In shopping malls and office buildings, it is sometimes hard to remember where you parked your car this time.

Current wayfinding systems are not effective. In most cases, drivers need assistance finding their cars.

Maybe paint the levels different colors? Or write easy-to-remember words in alphabetical order? Or draw the paths leading from the elevators to different zones?
Colored levels Words on columns Pathways on the floor

All of these improvements are poor. Even after remembering the sector and the code, it is sometimes hard to remember whether the car was at “Yellow Zombie” yesterday or today. And the signs pointing to a sector B-5 or spots 761 to 813 are not helping.

How do we make the parking lot remember where the car is?


When the driver stops to get a parking card, a smart camera automatically reads the car’s license plate.

Car drives into the parking lot Camera on the left
The recognized plate number gets linked to the issued parking card number

The security cameras around the parking lot feed their footage to license plate recognition software. The system “indexes” the parking spaces in a search-engine manner and remembers the currently parked cars and their location.

When the driver pays at the parking pay station, the software recognizes his or her card and prints the car’s parking space on the receipt. The screen reads how to get to the car:

You and your car

When the driver knows his or her parking place, traditional wayfinding systems would still be helpful.

Conceived by Artem Gorbunov, illustrated by Ilya Birman and Dmitry Uvarov.

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