Park Reader is a web-based bookstore, newsstand, digital library and a social network — all at the same time. Readers buy books, subscribe to newspapers and magazines, read separate issues and articles and share purchases with their dearest friends.

The bureau developed the service’s identity. The logo illustrates reading in the four (or more) corners of the earth:

Логотипы Парк-ридера

Once purchased, the newspapers, magazines and books are available on iPhone, iPad, Android and E-Ink devices, under Mac OS, Windows and even on Net-TV:

Платформы Парк-ридера

Park Reader recommends wisely and helps its users socialize. Park Reader’s logo is the first logo made in first-person:

Визитки Парк-ридера
The male card features strong hands, the female one comes with a pair of elegant ones
A captivating story on every business card

The Park Reader team is often seen talking to their partners about the advantages of the service. On-screen presentations help them do that:

with first-person approach,

clean and noiseless tables,

coherent headlines and to-the-point factoids.

About the project

Park Reader’s identity is part of a big product and service family currently developed at Artem Gorbunov Design Bureau.

Art directed and designed by Artem Gorbunov

Type designed by Zahar Yashchin

Designed by Valeriy Popov, Eugene Arutyunov

Edited by Maxim Ilyakhov


© 2010

Artem Gorbunov
Design Bureau
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