The January issue of National Geographic in Russia comes with an inlet calendar dedicated to the Siberian tiger. The poster was created at the bureau for the World Wide Fund for Nature.

The infographic focuses on tigers’ habitats, main survival threats and kinds of poaching products.
Год тигра
The Year of the Tiger is shown in full detail: when the tiger sheds, what it eats, what weather it prefers.

About the project

«Нашенал географик — Россия», январь 2010

Designed by Tanya Misyutina, illustrated by Tatiana Trikoz, art directed by Artem Gorbunov. Photograph by Thor Malmstein.

Translated into English by Maxim Ilyakhov.

We thank Maria Vinokurova for consulting.

English version of the poster PDF, 11.3 MB


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