The new Weborama is all about the music.

Internatinal bands and artists get transcribed into Russian


Weborama’s users listen to music, read about it in dedicated blogs and get informed about upcoming concerts:

The Music, Communities and Concerts sections

No “cuts” in the community entries – full articles only. This eliminates unnecessary mouse clicks and window clutter.

The player

One of Weborama’s main innovations is the inline player. A regular link to any song on the website, like Summertime, plays right in the text.

The main player sticks to the top of the page, like it used to be in the first version. Unlike most software players, its interface is unambiguous: the button tells exactly whether a song is playing or not. Starting with the new Weborama, we only use unambiguous players:

Before After
See Artem Gorbunov’s advice on mode togglers (in Russian).

The “Sandwich” grid

Information-rich pages work like a sandwich – every “layer” has its own filling:

The pages always look good, regardless of layer combination:

Band page has band info, members, precursors and followers, albums, songs, music videos, reviews

Album: cover, tracklist, reviews and comments

Song: lyrics, readers’ comments

Thumbnails (object previews) of different types have different proportions and other definitive details:

The Beatles: Abbey Road
Until It Sleeps
An album always has a shadow and is square-shaped, a singer is in portrait orientation, a band – in landscape orientation, a concert has rounded corners, a music video has a highlight and a triangle icon


We made icons for the most popular genres. The icons contain the first letters of genre names in Russian:

П for Pop Р for Rock Х for Hip-hop М for Heavy Metal д for Jazz Я for Japanese
Р for Reggae Т for Dance Music Р for Russian

About the project

Designed by Artem Gorbunov, Ilya Birman, Oleg Korotaev, Alexander Golanov.

We thank Stas Polnarev, Nick Mitin and Rustam Saifulin.


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