What’s your mood?

Weborama is a place for the fans of music and photography. A fan uploads his or her collection and assigns tracks and pictures to moods and genres. Then everyone else listens, watches and rates his or her selection, while he or she listens, watches and rates what others have uploaded.

All one needs is to pick a mood from a colored dial and press Play – and the music will be just right:

Those conservatively inclined, listen to their own media collection. And those keen on experiments, make their playlists on the go from other users’ tracks.

Photography lovers won’t feel lonely either. From an endless stream of photographs they can lay out a star, a rabbit, even a heart – you name it:

We created Weborama’s logo.

Mock-up of a print advertisement

About the project

Designed by Artem Gorbunov, Tanya Misyutina, Alexander Golanov.

We thank Stanislav Polnarev and Nick Mitin for their infinite patience.


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