Ya Rastu’s website sells baby formulas online.

The bureau designed, programmed, edited, built and launched the website.

The main page shows the product and a metaphor for growth:

Your child is in the spotlight. From the original “I grow up” to a more personal “Dasha grows up”:

Exhaustive product information and instructions fill the page:

We showed nutrition tips in a new user interface that combines the familiarity of a linear scroll and the usability of a per-question index:

The format suits any website’s FAQ section.

Customers only fill the order form once, with minimum details.

The site requires no sign-up, passwords or e-mail confirmations. It remembers customers and reminds then when their product may have run out or when it’s time to switch to a different-age product.

Product and service design

Ya Rastu is both a product and a service. It illustrates bureau’s approach to designing efficient systems. The name, the logo, all the packaging and websites work together in perfect harmony. Here is one of the sales pipeline scenarios:

The mother buys a can in a shop or receives one in a maternity ward. The can carries the website address.

If the baby responds well to the formula, a second order is very likely. The website sells at a lower price, and the child-bound mother can skip a trip to the supermarket.

The can arrives with the baby’s name on it, literally.

The site calculates when the parents run out of product based on their previous orders, and reminds them to restock. Returning customers don’t need to fill in the order form.

About the project

Art directed by Artem Gorbunov

Designed by Dmitriy Sukhachev, Maxim Tkachuk

Programmed by Artem Polikarpov, Konstantin Saveliev

Edited by Maxim Ilyakhov

Managed by Anna Iliyukhina

We thank Maxim Shevkalenko.


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Design Bureau

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