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Ya Rastu instant baby formulas help mothers feed their babies from birth to twelve months of age. Ya Rastu is designed in Russia, produced in France.

The bureau suggested one of the product’s distribution schemes, conceived the name and the logo, designed product packaging and business cards.

Russian name “Ya Rastu” means “I grow up”, the product’s main effect:

Dynamic logos are new to a few, especially those that change shape and color. The bureau thought up of a first dynamic product name. Customers insert their baby’s names into the logo:

Dasha grows, Peter grows, Robin grows etc.

Product is delivered with a personalized logo attached to the can

The packaging is emotional, scientific, eco-friendly and a little lab-sterile. The illustrations of feeding bottles carry scientific characteristics of the product: nutrition facts, vitamins, minerals and other useful properties:

Product samples come in bureau-designed sachets:

Personal and product cards stand out in any cardholder:

About the project

Art directed and designed by Artem Gorbunov

Designed by Dmitriy Sukhachev and Valeriy Popov

Type designed by Zahar Yashchin

Illustrated by Natalia Kuzmina

Edited by Maxim Illyakhov

Managed by Anton Shein and Anna Ilyukhina

We thank Maxim Shevkalenko.

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— I’ve grown up!

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