The Getwear online jeans designer helps customers create their own jeans.

The bureau created a user interface that requires no tailoring skills. pick their fit, denim and thread color, pockets, loops, buttons and fly:

...add embroidery:

...make their jeans look old, splash paint all over and cold-bloodedly shoot at them with a Colt:

The bureau developed a technique to generate realistic previews:

Start off with a basic look Pick a darker denim Rub and add holes Place embroidery Dye the thread orange Make shorts

The preview engine composes dozens of independent layers to make up the preview. For women’s jeans, the process is twice as complex.

About the project

Art directed by Artem Gorbunov

Co-directed and designed by Ilya Birman

Designed by Dmitry Uvarov, Valery Popov, Maxim Tkachuk


Getwear team: designers Masha Karda, Lena Shulepova, photographer Lia Chesnokova


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Design Bureau

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