The bureau designed the elements of Getwear’s jeans:

Care tags
Back pockets
Джинсы «Гетвеар»
Waistband button
Fly buttons


Lucky coin
Back label
Pocket lining

Tags for the men’s, women’s and organic cotton jeans:

Waistband button, fly button, pocket rivet:

Imprinting current year makes the jeans a thing with a story to tell

The back label is a blank canvas to be filled:

The care tag helps to properly wash the 100% cotton and the stretch jeans:

Signature back pocket embroidery gives a flattering look to the rear:

Each pair of jeans comes with a lucky coin in the pocket:

About the project

Art directed and designed by Artem Gorbunov

Designed by Andrey Gorbunov

Illustrated by Anton Gorbunov

Thanks to Yaakov Karda and Slava Olesik.


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Artem Gorbunov
Design Bureau

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