Getwear makes and ships custom tailor-made jeans. In the online store, Getwear’s clients browse, design, rate, try on, buy and sell custom Getwear jeans:

Real people, true stories

A product page is packed with useful information – a detailed description, a video of the fit, a sample of the denim and detailed pictures of the product:

Designer’s name and votes from other customers are in the spotlight

No sign-in required to buy

The page helps to make an informed buying decision: explains the made-to-measure cut, highlights the return and exchange policy, guarentees timely delivery

Final arguments

The clients use a familiar measurement system without consulting a size chart:

Those looking for a perfect fit are guided through measurements:

About the project

Getwear executives Yakov Karda and Slava Olesik share their thoughts on the project:

We loved working with the bureau. The guys are truly engaged in the task to its smallest detail. They are never afraid to say no and stand their ground where they feel they are right. They are truly co-authors of this project, not just the guys who follow the client’s every order. This feels like working with an in-house developer team. Everyone is tryly involved.

The bureau’s approach – the FFF: fix time, fix budget, flex scope – helps focus on the main thing, adequately calculate the resources, and define areas of responsibility in a controlled way. The downside – you don’t get to do everything at once. But we don’t feel this can be done otherwise.

In order to succeed, the entire team, including the developers, have to be ready to work by the FFF. The client needs to think fast and never let approvals take up too much time.

When you work with the bureau, it is critical that you stop forcing down on them what you think is right. Instead, you establish a dialogue, set tasks and discuss the best way to solve the problems. This is when the project is a success.

And, of course, to hell with blueprints, detailed briefs and combat characteristics. This is not a drill, we’re not in the army.

We are grateful to the bureau for the work they’ve done on the project. It would hardly be the same without you. The thing you do is not just graphic design or web design. It is product and service design at its finest.

Art directed and designed by Ilya Birman

Front-end developed by Artem Polikarpov and Aleksey Gagarin

Getwear team: designers Masha Karda, Lena Shulepova, photographer Lia Chesnokova, back-end developer Sergey Zhurin

Product art directed by Artem Gorbunov

Thanks to Yaakov Karda and Slava Olesik.


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