In Ilya Birman’s textbook ‘User Interface’, the first chapters of the section ‘Interaction’ have been published

April 10, 2020
Chapters ‘Proximity’, ‘Aiming’, and ‘Informativeness’. The sample chapter ‘Aiming’ is available for free

In Ilya Birman’s textbook ‘User Interface’, the first chapters of the section ‘Interaction’ have been published. The chapters are titled ‘Proximity’, ‘Aiming’, and ‘Informativeness’.

In the new section of the book, Ilya Birman moves on from fundamental principles to practical techniques of on‑screen interface design. In the new chapters he talks about the placement and content of the interface elements. He explains how to group and align buttons and inputs, how to simplify hitting them with a mouse and finger, and how to write less on them, while communicating more.

Among other things, the chapter on informativeness debunks the myth of seven elements. You may have heard of this “golden rule of usability”, which states that there should be no more than seven items in a menu and no more than seven buttons on a toolbar. Ilya explains why it’s nonsense.

After the chapters, there is an interactive test.


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