Final chapters published in Ilya Birman’s User Interface

March 13, 2023
Designing screens of desktop programs, websites, and mobile apps. Also the sample chapter ‘Aiming’ is available for free

The final chapters have come out in the textbook User Interface: ‘Navigation’ and ‘Grid’.

This book progressively reveals the key principles of a good user interface. The author also writes about the laws of interaction, then discusses the language of the interface, both textual and graphical.

The book is intended for web and user interface designers, editors, managers, and everyone who is involved in product development.


In the ‘Windows’ chapter, we talked about composing screens. Now let’s talk about how to navigate between them. This chapter covers means of navigation and their usage in applications and on the web: a link, sequence, hierarchy, filters, tags, and search. The chapter also challenges the reader to find a kitten!


Most interfaces are visual. Even when it comes to voice control, the dialogue is usually displayed on the screen, supplemented with buttons and other graphical elements. To arrange all that, interface designers need to know the basics of the layout. This chapter discusses examples of how to use grids in an interface.

Interactive test

After the chapters, there is an interactive test on the whole Screens section.

Sample chapter

The chapter ‘Aiming’ is available for free. In the chapter Ilya Birman talks about the placement and content of the interface elements. He explains how to simplify hitting buttons and inputs with a mouse and finger.

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