“Aktion Press” is a publishing house of Aktion media group. “Aktion Press” specializes in digital and printed publications for accounting, finance and HR professionals. The bureau designed a new reading environment for Aktion’s digital publications and helped launch its first e-zine, “Glavbukh” (Russian for ‘Head accountant’).

Nothing interferes with reading. Glavbukh’s online services lurk in the corners, waiting to be summoned:

Other issues of the publication sit on a shelf that slides up from underneath:

Aktion’s other publications slide in from the left:

Icons for additional services:

About the project

Art directed by Artem Gorbunov

Lead and designed by Nikolay Toverovsky

Designed by Igor Shtang, Maxim Tkachuk

Front end developed by Alexey Gagarin

Aktion’s team: Alina Grigorieva, Maxim Osiov, Vsevolod Frolov, Nikolay Mishukov, Kirill Zinkov, Igor Ilyin, nadezhda Tsypkina, Tatiana Surgutskaya, Diana Gataullina, Sergey Gailevich.

Thanks to Marina Zharkovskaya and Alexey Starikov.